The 420 Quarantine Sale

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Hi, everyone! Welcome to InhaleTheWave! Wow, I never fucking thought I’d be writing actual blogs for this but here it goes!

Life has taken some wide and strange turns within the last couple of months. Twitter was making endless jokes about World War III earlier in the year, Kobe Bryant was killed along with his daughter and friends, and now here we are, in quarantine, due to the coronavirus.  

On the other hand it is April 2020, which means that for the ENTIRE month it will be 4/20. We’ve been anticipating this for several years just for most of us to be stuck in the house ‘cause of a worldwide pandemic! It’s insane. All in all, I hope that you are safe and still blazing along. We still have 8 more months left of the year, so no matter what happens, let’s all make the absolute most of it. Times are rough, but we will push through it as always.

Just wanted to let you guys know that sales on InhaleTheWave will never go on pause! Stop on by and explore a variety of top quality glass with affordable prices! 

Explore new items like this beautiful and rare Pink Skull Bong that’s over 50% off:  



Or maybe you’d be interested in this 4” Blue Prism Glass Pipe! Over 40% off!!! InhaleTheWave has major deals!!!



Oh, you thought I would forget about RIGS?!?!? 
Buy this interchangeable pice for only $39.99!!! One of the cheapest rigs on the site! Get it now before they’re all gone!

Use this link to order:

Thanks to all that checked out this little blog post. Hopefully I’ll write more, but sometimes I get too stoned so I might forget lmfao!


Again, stay safe, stay high, and I hope you come back for more.

Oh, and I’m also drinking Gatorade right now so if you made it to the end of my very first blog post use discount code GATORADE for 25% OFF your purchase! Will be valid till the end of April. Just a little reward for you because you actually took the time to read this. 😉 


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